Last 2014 shows, Graspop aftermovie and a new album

November 1st Temptations For The Weak will play at the album release show of our good friends Hexa Mera at Kamikaze Club, Mechelen.
On November 29 TFTW will be playing for the fourth year in a row. This show will mark Timo’s first year as a part of the band and Temptations fourth anniversary as we made our live debut at Frietrock 2011.
These two shows will be the last we’ll play this year, before we take a break to start recording our second album.

More info on our new album soon, keep checking our website for further updates
In the meanwhile you can check out this small videofragment we’ve put together containing some live-footage from our Graspop show!

Graspop Metal Meeting

GMM was an outstanding experience we’ll never forget!
This was the very first time we had the chance to play in front of such a large audience and we absolutely loved it! We ‘ve all been greatly looking forward to this one for a very long time and the actual experience beat our wildes expectations.
It was also a great opportunity to try out some of the new songs for the upcoming album in a live situation and we’re very pleased with how they’ve been received!

Thank you for making this the best show of our lives (so far).

Check out the pictures here and check out the clip that Red Bull posted about our show:

TFTW is online

It took us a while but finally we have build our own propper website!
So feel free to have a look around.

You can find us on a number of other channels such as Facebook and Twitter under the “Links” tab.

Reason for us to speed up getting our page online is our appearence on the prestigious¬†GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2014. You can check out the “Media” tab to check out some pics & vids to get an idea of what to expect!

Keep posted for updates!

Temptations For The Weak